Department General Order Public Comment Form

Under Department General Order 3.01, Written Communications System, section 3.01.04.D, the Department "shall post the draft policy on the SFPD website and will provide members of the public and Department members thirty (30) business days to submit recommendations."
Please utilize the form below to provide input regarding San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) Department General Orders (DGOs) that are posted and available for public comment. If you are seeking to comment on more than one DGO, please submit a new form for each DGO.
The DGO comment period closes after 30 business days, at which time no more comments will be accepted online. If you miss the deadline to submit public comment to SFPD, you may still provide input to the Police Commission when the DGO is agendized for a public meeting. (Click Here for Commission Website).
PLEASE NOTE: All comments posted on this website will be visible to the public. Do not disclose any personal information – anything that you do not want shared publicly and/or widely. SFPD cannot discern what information you want shared and will not remove any of your comment.
However, any profanity or obscene language will be removed prior to posting.
Each comment provided will receive a numerical identifier. Keep the numerical identifier as reference should you wish to return to the SFPD website to view responses from SFPD and/or the Department of Police Accountability (DPA).
SFPD and DPA will each prepare responses for each corresponding comment and accompanying numerical identifier. All comments and responses will be posted to the SFPD website.
Helpful Tips for Submitting Comments
Comments can provide additional facts or perspectives. The tips below are intended to help the public submit effective comments to improve proposed DGOs before they are finalized. Following these tips help SFPD and DPA understand the comments and respond to them appropriately.
   • Before submitting a comment, read the complete text of the proposed DGO.
   • Comments should be directed at the text of the proposed DGO and/or the procedures the Department follows in proposing the DGO.
   • Clearly identify the specific section and/or subsection number you are commenting on. For example, DGO 5.01.04.D.3.
        If addressing multiple sections, identify each section or subsection associated with the comment.
   • Expanding on comments with factual information, sound reasoning, and/or specific examples of how you or your organization 
        would be impacted negatively or positively provides additional context for the recipient(s).
   • When applicable, provide references to any reports, articles, or other source material that support your comment.
   • If you disagree with a proposed DGO or section of a DGO, suggest an alternative that includes revised language.
   • Address the pros and cons of your position. Consider other points of view and respond with facts and sound reasoning.
   • Proofread written comments before submission.
   • Do not submit the same written comments more than once.